STHLM South (SSH, we, hotel) is operated by Standard AB , org. no. 556968-8210.

The following general terms and conditions apply to bookings made via the SSH website, by e-mail or telephone or third party channels. Bookings made through the third party channels may have other booking and cancellation terms as well as payment terms depending on the third party channels policy but all other terms such as but not limited to terms regarding stay, fire safety, check in and check out apply to all bookings regardless of their origin.

By booking, the Customer (Booker and / or Guest) confirms that he/she has read and approved the terms and conditions set out below.



The customer can book via website, email or phone. Maximum booked room nights per booking is 90, exceptions may apply.

Bookings made on the website can be made at least 1 day before the arrival date. Booking of rooms with arrival date less than 1 day, can be made by e-mail or telephone.

Booking is not confirmed until the Customer receives a booking confirmation via e-mail.




Cancellation up to 7 days at 18.00 CET prior to day of arrival is free of charge and the prepayment is refunded in full.

Later cancellations will be charged for the whole booking amount - up to first 7 nights of the booking.



Cancellation up to 7 days at 18.00 CET prior to day of arrival is free of charge and the prepayment is refunded in full.

Later cancellations will be charged for the first 14 nights of the booking.



A customer's change of an existing booking will be considered a cancellation in connection with a new booking and shall be subject to the same cancellation rules. Extension of a stay will be granted subject to availability.



If you have booked a specific period of time but depart before the end of this period, SSH has the right to charge you the same compensation as for late cancellations. In addition to the price for the time you stay at the hotel, SSH charges 7 nights if the booking period is 29 nights or less, or 14 nights if the booking period is 30 nights or more.

For special offers or group bookings, other booking rules may apply, and will then be communicated.



SSH is a cash-free hotel. All payments are made by credit card on the website, by credit card on site or via invoice.

We accept VISA, MasterCard and AMEX cards.

At the time of making booking enquiry Customers credit cards details are saved in the booking system.

Credit card is charged for up to 30 nights in advance when the booking inquiry is reviewed and the booking confirmation is sent. If nothing else has been agreed upon, the remaining amount due is charged in advance for every 30 nights from the same credit card used for making

Failure to debit the remaining amount of the specified credit card will result in the Customer's booking being cancelled without a refund.

The receipt for the payment is sent by e-mail.

Invoicing fee of 50 SEK applies. SSH has a minimum limit of 2000 SEK for invoicing. Exceptions may apply to specific company agreements. It is not possible to pay for stay via invoice as a private person.



It is obligatory to fill in the registration card and verify your ID for your stay at SSH. We have a right to cancel your stay in case you do not properly fill out the registration card or fail to verify your ID document.

Check-out takes place no later than 11:00 the day of departure. Key cards are returned to a designated postbox at the Reception.


  • Visitors of the Guest are not allowed to stay overnight. Only the person who is registered as a Guest (booked in own name or Booker who has entered the Guest's name) is allowed to stay in the room.
  • Quiet time from 22–08. Respect your neighbours.
  • There is no food service at the hotel. SSH offers a dining room equipped with microwaves and dining areas that are available around the clock.
  • It is not permitted to install or connect your own cooking equipment or appliances. Modifications to the sink, shower or electricity is prohibited as well.
  • It is not allowed to use open flame (candles, marshalls) as well as incense in the hotel.
  • The reception is staffed working days 9.00 - 17.00. Customer service can be reached via email or telephone as well as via the contact form on the SSH website.
  • In the event of lost keys, SSH must be notified immediately in order to block the key card. In the event of repeated loss of room key card, the guest will be charged SEK 100 per occasion.
  • The Customer may not use the hotel room for anything other than accommodation. Unless otherwise agreed with SSH, it is not permitted to conduct, for private or commercial purposes, party activities, sales or any form of trade or business.
  • The Customer at SSH is responsible for any damage caused by the Customer himself or the Customer's visitors within the hotel. If the Customer or the Customer's visitors caused damage or disruption during their stay at the hotel to the extent that it affects future loss of income for SSH, the Guest is responsible for compensating SSH both for repairing the damage that has occurred as well as SSH’s estimated loss of income.
  • Weekly cleaning with change of linen is included. Extra cleaning with change of linen can be booked for an additional cost.
  • Instructions for arrival are sent out via email after the remaining booking cost has been debited, in the event that card payment is used.
  • Wi-Fi is free of charge and available in all rooms, as well as the hotel's public areas. The Wi-Fi code is sent to the Guest along with arrival instructions or provided together with the keycard.



SSH allows visits with dogs, subject to the availability of dog-allowed rooms.

To book a dog friendly room, contact SSH via email or telephone.

For animals in rooms, an additional cost of SEK 350 / week will be added

Maximum number of dogs per room: 2.

Dogs must not be left unattended in the rooms.



All smoking is strictly forbidden in all rooms and in the hotel's public areas. Violation of the smoking ban by the Customer or a person staying with / visiting the customer will result in a fine of SEK 2,000 which will be charged to the credit card used at the time of booking. eller faktureras till folkbokförd adress.



It is the customer's personal duty to pay attention to the emergency exits, alarm buttons and fire extinguishers.

The customer should take part of the fire safety information on the inside of the hotel room door, as well as in the hotel's information brochure in the room.

All rooms and public areas are equipped with visible and hidden smoke or heat detectors. When the detector is activated, the alarm is reported directly to emergency services.

In the event of a false fire alarm that has been activated for reasons other than fire, the customer who is responsible for the false activation will be charged for the costs that this may incur. SSH has the right to charge the Customer's specified credit card for these costs.



Video-surveilled parking for cars is available by the hotel entrance.

Please, contact hotel for registering your car licence plate in the parking system.



SSH reserves the right to enter a room at a reasonable time for reasonable reasons. This includes the need to make remedial repairs. SSH will do its best to, if possible, limit the hours of maintenance from 9:00 to 17:00.



SSH has no strict responsibility for the property you keep in your hotel room. However, should it turn out that the hotel or hotel staff has acted negligently, carelessly or is in other ways at fault for the loss of property, the hotel is responsible for the lost / stolen property.


Force Majeure

Strikes, lockouts, fires, pandemics, significant restrictions of deliveries or other circumstances, beyond SSH's control, entitles SSH to terminate the agreement without obligation to pay indemnity.



For questions regarding booking rules and conditions please contact SSH via email or phone 010-7881788 weekdays 9.00-17.00

SSH website:


These general terms and conditions apply from February 1, 2021.